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How to avoid the hazards in indoor air?

Renovation is the main cause of indoor environmental pollution. Decoration pollution will adversely affect the health of residents, especially for children in the growing season. It is extremely important to avoid indoor environmental pollution in children's rooms during the decoration, and it should be paid attention to in the following aspects.

First, the indoor air quality pre-evaluation method should be adopted during the decoration design to predict the concentration of harmful substances released in the indoor environment after decoration, and reserve a certain amount of floating space. Because even if the indoor environment after renovation is up to standard, after the furniture is placed, the furniture will release a certain amount of indoor environmental pollutants.

Second, select decoration materials with less hazardous value amount.

Third, the auxiliary materials in the construction should also adopt environmentally friendly materials, especially waterproof coatings, adhesives, paint solvents (thin materials), putty powder and so on.

Fourth, we advocate simple decoration and minimize the amount of materials used and the amount of construction.

Fifth, it is best not to affix wallpapers in the room to reduce pollution sources.

Sixth, children's rooms should not use natural stone, such as marble and granite, which are the main causes of indoor pollution.

Seventh, the paints and coatings for children's rooms are preferably water-based, the price may be higher; the color should not be too bright, as the brighter the paint, the heavy metal content in the paint are relatively high, these heavy metal materials are easy to contact with children and lead to lead and mercury poisoning.

Eighth, sign a green decoration contract with the decoration company. The contract requires the construction party to provide an indoor environmental test report with the CMA chapter when the construction is completed.

Ninth, the purchase of furniture, especially children's room furniture is best to choose solid wood furniture, furniture paint is best water-based, when buying to see if there is environmental testing report.

Tenth, children's rooms should not be paved with plastic flooring. Some foam plastic products on the market (similar to slippers materials), such as floor puzzles, will release a lot of volatile organic substances, which may affect the health of children.

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